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Does your teeth have large gaps? Are they chipped or crooked? Are you ashamed to show your stained teeth while smiling? No matter what the problem is, at Image Dentistry, we can fix them all for you with extensive cosmetic dental treatments. Our clinic is located in Moreno Valley, CA.

Our doctor can effectively correct a range of dental problems like misaligned bites, cracked, chipped, or knocked out teeth.


Dentures, implants, and bonds are among other methods that we use to restore your teeth and correct your bite.

Complete Dental Corrections

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With our in-office deep bleaching and at-home bleach kits, you can sport shiny white teeth with confidence. Porcelain veneers and lumineers are other treatments which can benefit you.

Shiny White Teeth Is No Longer A Dream


Smile Confidently with Effective Cosmetic Dentistry

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